Boutique Hotel de Barones van Leyden

Both at 'De Barones van Leyden' and at 'Huys van Leyden', the emphasis is on personal attention, convenience, style and relaxation. The hotels provide optimal service in picking up guests from Leiden CS or Schiphol and taking them back again. 

De Barones van Leyden is situated in a canal-side house on Oude Herengracht dating from 1644 and overlooks the tugboat port. The five authentic, luxurious hotel suites are equipped with boxspring beds, shower and toilet with luxury shampoo and shower gel, flatscreen TV, Nespresso coffee and tea facilities, hairdryer, strongbox and minibar. 

The suites in De Barones van Leyden are divided over three floors, which are accessible by means of staircases and a lift. There is also a disabled-friendly room. 

An extensive and luxurious breakfast buffet including à-la-carte menu is served in the baroque 'Salon' on the ground floor. Sleeping in late is no problem. Guests can stay in their room until 12.00. The breakfast room is also suitable for small-scale meetings or intimate dinners up to 32 people. There is an intimate bar where both drinks and hors d’oeuvres are served. 

Guests have the option to make use of the ‘Spa’ in the Huys van Leyden, situated 400 metres away. 

'Boutique Hotels van Leyden' offers numerous packages. In addition to lunches, dinners and high teas, they also have their own sloop in which guests can discover Leiden by water, as well as enjoying a complimentary basket filled with delicious treats. The thematic dinners such as the ‘murder mystery dinner' are nice ways to arrange business or private events. During the 'Dutch City Trips' programme, three archetypal Dutch sites are visited in three days: Gouda, Delft and the Kinderdijk windmills.

Huys van Leyden has its own parking lot. There are options for paid car parking right in front of the hotel. 

The other hotel, Huys van Leyden, is situated at 400 metres from De Barones van Leyden and provides similar charm and personal attention. Huys van Leyden is situated in a canal-side house on Oude Singel dating from 1611 and overlooks the most beautiful canals of Leiden; it has five authentic hotel rooms.

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Boutique Hotel De Barones van Leyden

Both at 'De Barones van Leyden' and at 'Huys van Leyden', the emphasis is on personal attention, convenience, style and relaxation. De Barones van Leyden is situated in a canal-side house on Oude Herengracht dating from 1644 and overlooks the tugboat port.

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Both at 'De Barones van Leyden' and at 'Huys van Leyden', the emphasis is on personal attention, convenience, style and relaxation.

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Attractions Nearby

Blue stone

The blue stone in the middle of the Breestraat marks the centre of the city. In medieval it was the place where courts of law were held and sentences carried out.

City Hall

Several Pilgrims were married in the City Hall, amongst them William Bradford and Dorothy May.

De Vliet

When the Pilgrims left Leiden in 1620 they passed under the Vlietbrug on their way to Delfshaven.

Jean Pesijnhof

Across the street from the Pieterskerk, the grand entrance to the Jean Pesijns Almshouse stands since 1683 where John Robinson’s house had been. A memorial stone is in the wall to the right of the entry.


Somewhere in a close on the Langebrug, Pilgrim James Chilton lived with his family.

Latin School

In Pilgrim times, Rembrandt studied here.

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

Located in a beautifully preserved house built ca 1365-1370, the Leiden American Pilgrim museum tells the stories of the founders of New England, the Pilgrims.

Lokhorst Church

Leiden's Mennonite community built the Lokhorstkerk in 1613-38 behind existing houses and expanded it in 1648.

Mayflower Escaperoom

With only 60 minutes on the clock and many difficult puzzles and riddles, the Mayflower Escaperoom is an exciting challenge for families, friends and colleagues.

Museum De Lakenhal

Museum De Lakenhal presents an exhibition which sheds light on this remarkable journey, from their home country England, via the city of Leiden where they were in voluntary exile for 11 years, to the world of the Native Americans they entered and the colony they founded. In the exhibition, questions are highlighted, offering a range of historical and contemporary perspectives.

Pieterskerk Leiden

The Pieterskerk has been a central monument in Leiden since the twelfth century. With almost 900 years worth of history, the Pieterskerk has been an important meeting place in Dutch history.

St. Louis Church

Before the Reformation this church was a stop for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela.

St. Pancras Church

Although most Pilgrims who died in Leiden were buried in or around the Pieterskerk, a few were buried in the Hooglandsekerk, including a child of William Brewster’s, who died in June, 1609, shortly after the Pilgrims arrived in Leiden.

The Burcht

An artificial hill, a motte, constructed around 1000 AD. A circular castle from the middle of the twelfth century stands on the top.


The University was founded in 1575 and is the oldest university in the Netherlands. John Robinson took part in heated theological debates.


Not only were all wares coming to market brought here to be weighed, the landing in front of the Weigh House was the terminus of regular boat service to Leiden from Haarlem and Amsterdam. Here is where the Pilgrims first set foot on Leiden’s land.

Walloon Church

When the hospital was still standing, Myles Standish, an English soldier who later joined the Pilgrims, was nursed here.

William Brewster Alley

William Brewster lived and worked in an area of Leiden near Pieterskerk. Today the street where he lived is called William Brewstersteeg.

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