Immingham, North East Lincolnshire

The year following that of the trial of the Scrooby congregation at Boston Guildhall, the Pilgrims make another - this time successful - attempt to escape.

In 1608 the Separatists secured the services of a Dutch boat and her captain to take them to Holland. One of the group, Francis Hawkins fell ill - his body is buried in St. Andrews Church graveyard. The Dutch captain set sail from Immingham Creek with only the men - the women and children were to later join them in Holland - their journey no doubt full of perilous challenges.

Immingham Creek is now part of the large port of Immingham, the largest port by tonnage in the county. St. Andrews Church welcomes visitors, and on the nearby green is a memorial to those who made the journey, the Pilgrim Monument.  The memorial was organised in 1924 by the Anglo-American Society and is made with rock from Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Visiting Immingham

Immingham is in the coastal region of North East Lincolnshire. The towns museum tells the local history and how the area became home to one of the UKS largest ports. Many street names are named after the passengers of the Mayflower - you will spot Bradford, Clyfton and more as you travel around the town.

On the banks of the River Humber, the nearby beach resort of Cleethorpes is very popular with visitors. Nearby Grimsby is home to the Fishing Heritage Centre - an industry that is still thriving here.

South of Immingham you will find the stunning Lincolnshire Wolds. Rolling hills with pretty English villages showcase some of England finest countryside.

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