St Lawrence Church, Snarford

St Lawrence, Snarford

This hidden gem of St. Lawrence Church in Snarford began life in the 12th century, although what remains now is mostly 14th Century.

The medieval section of its wrought-iron railing is proudly on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and St Lawrence Church is now cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust.

The outside appearance betrays the wonders inside and is well worth a visit as the St Paul tombs are truly outstanding.  The alabaster tomb of Sir George St Paul (d. 1613) stands against the north wall of the chancel. George was the most successful of the St Paul clan; he served as Sheriff of Lincolnshire, magistrate, and MP. He was knighted by James I in 1607. His effigy is clad in armour and breeches, and lies propped up on an elbow above the effigy of his wife Frances (nee Wray). At the base of the tomb, in a separate recess, is an effigy of the couple's only child, Mattathia.

Sir George died in 1613 and left his wife Frances an income of £1700 per year, making her a very wealthy heiress. Frances went on to marry Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick, and they are both depicted in the third monument in the chancel. 

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