Glentworth, St Michael

Glentworth, St Michael

Sir Christopher Wray of Glentworth was a cautious and conservative Lord Chief Justice under Elizabeth I, but his three children used their wealth and prestige to support radical Christianity in its struggle against authoritarian church leaders. These siblings played a key role in the development of the Mayflower Pilgrims, hosted the founders of the Baptist denomination, and trained a generation of radical preachers. Their story is one of great wealth used to promote Faith, but it is also one that features family tragedy, supernatural healings and exorcism. Their family story extends across the Atlantic to America yet, until now, has never really been stitched together in England. Now it is being, and the impact of these remarkable sisters and their brother - all featured on the Glentworth memorial - can at last be understood.  The church has a fine marble tomb of Sir Christoper Wray, Chief Justice of England during Elizabeth I’s reign, with his wife and children and is an Elizabethan gem.

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